Real Estate Staging Services


Do I:

  • have a vacant listing that's been sitting on the market for months?
  • have a listing that we've dropped the price due to condition?
  • spend my marketing money on properties that don't show well?
  • have few or no calls for showings on a listing?
  • have a listing that expired because the house didn't show well?
  • have a seller selling their house "AS IS"?
  • advertise a listing with pictures having too much furniture or clutter?
  • advertise a vacant property showing walls and a floor?
  • avoid a conversation with the seller over what improvements are needed to sell the listing any time soon?
  • have a seller who tells you you're not doing enough to market their house when actually it is how the house shows?

If the answer is "Yes" to any of these questions, you need to consider staging.  In this market, buyers are looking for a great deal~ a great looking product in move-in condition. Resale homes are competing with new homes, so your listing needs to show best and be in the best condition possible.


  • Property sells for more - Larger commission
    Improve your product, increase the price, increase your commission.  You can expect to get more for a more desireable product.  Actually, 7%-17% more.
  • Sells faster - Requires less marketing money
    Money spent on professional staging is an investment.  What is your time worth per hour?  Less time spent marketing the listing equals your additional marketing hours x $___?
  • Gives Credibility - You have a Team of Experts
    When you surround yourself with experts, you add to your own credibility.  Your credibility is diluted when you try to be all things to all people.  You can't be an expert at everything and people recognize that!  You can differentiate yourself when you have a "power team" of experts.
  • Professional Status -  Gains referrals and repeat business
    Realtors are more likely to take their clients to homes that have been professionally staged. You gain a reputation for having turn-key listings and traffic in your listings will increase.
  • Listing looks better in advertising -  Attract more Realtors and buyers
    A picture's worth a thousand words - and MONEY. When it comes to advertising. 84% of the buyers begin on the internet.  At this point, the only thing that differentiates your listing from the competition is how the property looks in the photos.  Buyers and Realtors decide which properties they will visit based on the pictures.  A professionally staged home will outshine the competition.
  • Sales Statistics - Improve your statistics
    Because your staged listings will sell faster and for more, sharing your statistics in your listing presentation gives you the edge to get the new listing contract.
  • Listing Presentation -  Great differentiator from the competition
    Statistically, most sellers interview at least 3 real estate agents.  To stand out from your competition, you have to offer a better marketing plan.  When you include staging, you've got an edge.

How Do I Begin?

  • Start by introducing Professional Home Staging in your listing presentation.
  • Staged By Design can provide the information in either hard copy handouts or pages you can insert into your computer presentation. Just call 813-997-5522 or email to request the information.
  • Schedule a staging consultation.
  • Professionally stage the property.


Many sellers perceive Realtors® as all being equal.  Is it true?  No, but that's the perception.  What can you do to make a  buzz and differentiate yourself from the rest?   Add a service that many agents don't offer - staging.  It's the one real estate service that adds value to the listing.   A professionally staged property will sell for at least 7% more than its comparable competition and it will sell 50% faster than its comparable competition.   Your listings will sell faster and for a better price and make you the hero.

Staging is not about adding a floral arrangement here,  a towel there, or a few bar stools under the counter.  It's about selling a whole lifestyle!   Does that mean every room has to be staged?  NO!  But it does mean that you have to create a vision for your buyers, so they're excited about the home.  It creates an urgency to buy.  Think of the builder's models you've seen.  Why have they consistently sold for a higher price than a vacant inventory home?  The buyer can already see themselves living in a staged home.

Are your listings competing with staged listings? If your competition is staging and you’re not, they've got the competitive edge.  Other Realtor listings will attract more buyers and sell faster because their listings look better than yours, both on the MLS and advertising, as well as in person.

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