Home Staging Packages

Staged by Design offers Building Company/Investor staging packages for vacant homes.  All packages include the selection of furnishings, furnishings, packing, delivery, staging for up to 90 days, removal and restocking of inventory.

Are you a builder or investor looking for a staging partner?  Nearly 80% of Staged by Design’s business is working with investors and builders.  Ask us for a referral or testimonial from our investor or builder clients!

When you partner with Staged by Design, you get quality and consistency throughout your developments. You also get the convenience of dealing with one supplier, and not multiple designers with competing design philosophy. With us, you get what you want in your homes - always.

Builders have unique needs, and we are uniquely equipped to meet them. We stage any development in the greater Tampa area (usually within 70 miles) in as little as 48 hours, and we can remove the staging just as quickly. We know that time is money! The sooner staging is removed after a sale, the faster appliances can be moved in, and punch lists completed.

Call 813 997-5522 or email us to discuss how our expertise as well as real estate knowledge in the Tampa Bay and surrounding areas can help you showcase your for sale home or inventory and sell it faster!