Staging for sale homes in Tampa Bay

Staging Facts and Statistics:

  • The longer your house is on the market, the lower the selling price will be.
  • Statistics show a well staged home spends 50% less time on the market.
  • Statistics show a well staged home sells for at least 7% more than a comparable non-staged home.
  • A buyer has an opinion of your house within the first 15 seconds.
  • A buyer stays in a vacant house an average of minutes but lingers in a furnished home an average of 40 minutes.
  • Statistics show that 9 out of 10 people cannot visualize how the property could be.
  • Staging helps the buyer to emotionally connect with your home. It allows them to mentally move in, not move on.
  • Your investment in Staging now is less than your price reduction later.
  • You only have one chance to make a great first impression.

Questions and Answers

What is Staging?

Staging is a powerful marketing tool. Staging is the process of professionally preparing your home to sell (or rent) faster than your competition for the best possible price in that market. It is converting a home into a house that can be merchandised as a product.

Why should I Stage my home?

“Buyers only know what they see, not the way it's going to be.” ~Barb Schwarz

When you put your house on the market, it becomes a product, and just like any product on the store shelf it has features and benefits, pluses and minuses, and it competes with other products. To gain the edge over the competition in the market place your home must be priced right and look better than the competition. In today's market, two things sell a home: Price and Staging. The right price will get the buyer in the door, but Staging presentation sells a house!


What are the benefits of Staging?

  • Reduces Market Time
    Staging Statistics show a staged home sells 50% faster than a comparable non-staged home.
  • Sells for Best Market Value
    According to statistics, a staged home sells for between 7% and 17% more than comparable non-staged homes.
  • Looks Better on the Internet, MLS and Advertising Materials
    A cluttered or vacant home is not appealing “in person”, but it's even less appealing in pictures. Real estate agents looking for potential properties, or clients browsing the internet, pass by vacant homes because it's hard to tell how big the “vanilla” space really is. If a home's cluttered, the room will appear much smaller than it actually is.
  • Outshines the Competition
  • Attracts a Broad Range of Buyers
  • Agents are more likely to show a Staged property
    Real estate agents know they are more likely to sell a home that is staged and designed to sell, than a home that is cluttered or vacant.
  • Appraisers are More Likely to Appraise Your Home at Full Value


When should I Stage my home?

The best time to Stage your home is before you put it on the market.
If you're planning to sell, NOW is the time! It may take some time to get your house ready for sale at the best price. If your house is on the market, even if it has been for some time, NOW is the time. One home was on the market 2½ years before it was Staged and went under contract 6 days after it was Staged.

How much does Staging cost?

Staging is an investment, not a cost. The Staging investment is a lot less than your first price reduction. Typically, if you decide to reduce your price, you would need a 3%-5% decrease in your list price in order to attract buyers in a new price range.   However, in this difficult market, you now need to adjust your price range down 10%-15% to attract new buyers.  Staged By Design strives to work within your budget to transform your house to appeal to most buyers. For most properties, a Staging consultation detailing what needs to be done to prepare the house for sale is less than the Appraisal or Home Inspection.

My home is decorated, why do I need to Stage?

Staging is not decorating. Decorating means personalizing your home. Staging is neutralizing your house so the potential buyers can envision it as their home with themselves living there. We know how to maximize the impact of the important selling points and living areas.

Why should I Stage my vacant property?

Only 1 of 10 people can visualize how a house will look with furniture in it. They're thinking: Where will I place my sofa? Will my furniture fit? What is this room used for?
Furnishing the house defines the rooms and with Staging the rooms actually appear bigger. Statistics show buyers don't stay long in a vacant house.  Furnishing your property keeps buyers there longer and gives them time to feel comfortable and emotionally bond with it.  Remember that builder's model home you fell in love with?  Would you have remembered the house had it been vacant?

What is the process for Home Staging?

  • Typically a homeowner or real estate agent contacts us. We obtain pertinent information about the property and set an appointment to meet with the homeowner or real estate agent to preview both the interior and exterior the home.
  • At the property we assess what must be done to present the property at its best and prepare a written, comprehensive Staging plan particular to that home.  The investment fee depends on the size of the property.
  • It's then up to the homeowner to decide if they would like to do the work themselves or hire Staged By Design to do some or all the work.
  • We can do as little or as much as you like.